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Dry Cell Battery 55D23L

55D23L (12V 55Ah 11Plates)
55D23L JIS Type Dry Cell Battery

Description/ Specification of Automotive Batteries 55D23L

Technical Parameters of Automotive Batteries:-
Brand Name Type New JIS Model Voltage Capacity (20hr) Dimension Total Height Plates per cell Cell layout Pole type Handel type Dry net weight Acid vol
FUKUOKA BATTERY 55D23L 55D23L 12V 55Ah 230 x 170 x 200mm 225mm 11 2 A B 11.2 K G 3.7 LTR

Dry Charge Lead Acid FUKUOKA BATTERY
Japanese Brand
Applicable: For Cars, Motor Bikes, Fork Lift, Trucks, Heavy Duty Vehicles, and batteries for Industrial Operating Machines, Solar Panels, Scissor lifts, Aerial Devices, UPS and various Electrical tools etc.
PP Separator

Sample Availability Supplier Product Code Delivery Terms Delivery Lead Times Payment Terms Min Quantity Price Information
Yes FZCO CNF within 45-60 days TT / LC. 200 USD / AED / JAPANESE YEN

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