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We created this website disclaimer for the very simplest kinds of website. For instance, it may be suitable for use on a website that publishes information – providing that that information does not give rise to any particular or unusual risks. This website disclaimer is not intended for use on websites that have any more sophisticated kinds of interactive functionality.

For instance, it will not be suitable for websites that require registration to access particular areas or services; nor will it be suitable for websites that include bulletin boards, allow users to post comments, or feature other kinds of user-generated content. If your website has any of these features, you should consider our other website terms and conditions of use documents.

As well as a disclaimer of liability, this template includes provisions concerning the rights that users have to use website content, as well as provisions relating to mandatory legal disclosures (for example, under the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002).

The disclaimer is essentially a cut-down version of our standard website terms and conditions of use document. Accordingly, if you are using one of those documents, you do not need this website disclaimer.

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