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This product is specifically designed as an automobile engine starter lead acid battery (nominal voltage: 12v). Do not use this battery for other purposes. Be sure to read the instructions before using this battery.

The battery electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid. If it gets into the eyes, there is a risk of loss of eyesight. Be sure to keep children away from the battery.

Do not handle this product without wearing protective glasses and rubber gloves. Do not handle this product near fire. Do not connect the positive and negative terminals reversely. Place it in a ventilated area and do not short-circuit the terminals. Do not wipe this product with a dry cloth to prevent fire or explosion due to static electricity.

Do not store this product in any location of high temperature, with direct sunlight, near fire, containing rain water, humidity, poisonous gas, powder dust, a risk of being submerged under water, or a risk of being hit by falling objects. Be sure that this product is placed in the correct direction during transportation because it contains battery electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid). Do not slant or overturn the battery.


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